Hypothesis: The heavier the dog is the more force were going to need to push it.
IV: mass of dog(kg)
DV: velocity (m/s)
Constants: same dog, applied force, 200N gravity graph_MOVING_MAN.jpg
Conclusion: Our hypothesis was correct, as the dog got heavier the velocity increased. As you see in the table the mass of the dog increased and the meters per second decreased. We learned that the heavier the mass the more force you need to push or pull the object.

Terms you should know.

Motion- When a object changes position over time when compared with a reference point.
Speed- The rate at which an object moves.
Velocity- The speed of an object in a particular direction.
Acceleration- Is the rate at which velocity changes.
Newton (N)- The SI unit of force.
Force- Push or Pull.
Net Force- Is the force that results from combaining all the forces exerted on an object.
Weight-Is a measure of the gravitional force exerted on an object.
Mass- is the amount of matter in an object, and its value does not change.