Quite a Reaction!

    Quite a Reaction: Experiment #1

    • In this lab we will put a 10cm by 15cm cardboard car on top of straws. On the car there is a marble that will shot forward after we cut the string. This lab will be our control to compare our results to in our later expirements. The mass of this cardboard car is 31.7grams, and this car has three pieces of cardboard. When we tested the car it shot back 11.0cm. This result shows Newton's third law of motion; this law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The reaction was not equal because of fraction but it was opposite.

    Quite a Reaction: Expirement #2

    Scientific Method will now be applied to this experiment. The objective of the experiment is to find how to make the cardboard car move backwards the farthest.


    • What will affect the distance the cardboard car gets shot back?
    • Will mass possibly affect the cardboard car?
    • Will adding more rubber bands excert more force thus pushing the car back farther?


    • Our hypothesis was that the more mass the car has, the less it will be affected by the force of the launch. To test our hypothises, we did 2 more tests; one with the car having 6 pieces of cardboard rather than 3 to increase the mass, and one test where the car had 10 pieces of cardboard.

    Desigining the Experiment:

    • In our experiment, we designed our independent and dependent variables. Our independent variable is the mass of the car. This affects our dependent variable, the distance the cardboard car shoots back.
    • Our experiment also has controls. Some controlled variables include the amount of rubber bands used, how far the rubber bands are pulled back, the placement of straws, the mass of the marble (because we use the same marble each experiment), and the placement of the pushpins in the car.


    Numer of the experiment
    and the amount of cardboard
    the car has
    Mass of the cardboard car(grams)
    #1(3 pieces)
    31.7 grams
    11.0 cm
    #2(6 pieces)
    46.5 grams
    7.5 cm
    #3(10 pieces)
    73.5 grams
    3.0 cm