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We are a team of 8th grade students who are learning how to use technology to improve our understanding of Mathematics and Science.On this wiki space we will be keeping track of the things we learn and compiling information about the topics that we study.

Making a DifferenceIt is important to make a difference! You already make a difference to the people in your family, your friends and your community. You do this by learning and sharing! When you advance your education you improve the lives of everyone in contact with you. Think about your friends. You help them when you share what you learn about fashion, movies, sports, and video games. How will learning enable you to help your fellow students and teachers at our school? How will learning enable you to help your community? That's what we want to find out...
Reading Sharing TryingWe learn by reading, sharing our stories, and trying new things. With these three keys to learning you can unlock the door to a fabulous education and gain the power to make a difference in our world. I can't wait to see how you apply your knowledge this year!
Join the DiscussionSome people hesitate to take action because they are waiting to become "good enough" to make a difference. In fact, we never will have all the answers. It is impossiple to be correct all of the time. So take a new attitude this year and join the discussion! Just by taking part in the discussion you can contribute in important ways to our class, our school, and our community! Let's use our voices!
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